A deadly shooting in El Paso is part of a larger conflict between the long-established Bandidos and an upstart biker club named the Kinfolk, a biker gang expert said.

Bikers roared into the border city for Saturday’s funeral for Juan Martinez Jr., the 61-year-old president of an El Paso chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Martinez was among four men shot when a gunman entered and opened fire during a brawl July 30 in Mulligan’s Chopped Hog bar on George Dieter Drive.

El Paso police arrested Javier Gonzalez, 34, who was identified as a member of the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club on a charge of engaging in organized crime-murder and aggravated assault charges.

Manuel Gallegos, 58, who is linked to the Kinfolk MC, was arrested Thursday on an assault charge for his role in the fight that resulted in the shooting.

Gallegos appeared earlier this year in photos with Kinfolk members in a YouTube video titled „Kinfolk MC 1 %er El Paso…